Looking for a challenge? – Try the GGSC Wellbeing Calendar


I regularly recommend the Greater Good Science Center Website (GGSC) for those wanting to learn more about how to build wellbeing, based on science.

On that site you’ll find a pile of resources relating to wellbeing: articles, quizzes, videos, podcasts, email newsletters, books, interviews, the whole wellbeing gamut!

I am big fan of one of their sub-sites, Greater Good In Action which keeps an ever-growing list of science-backed activities that build awe, compassion, connection, empathy, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness and much more.

If you were going to limit your wellbeing-based news and insights to just the one source, GGSC would be a wise choice.

One of their initiatives that I thought I’d bring your attention to is their Wellbeing Calendar.

Each month they produce a calendar that you can download (here is August). You can also subscribe via Google Calendar or ICal or grab the ICS link (useful for adding to a calendar like Outlook).

The calendar consists of a variety of wellbeing suggestions, links to articles and podcasts. The basic underlying idea is that at least once per day, you should do something with your wellbeing in mind.

If you are looking to set yourself a bit of a challenge in terms of improving your wellbeing, then downloading their calendar each month and engaging with (even just a few) of their wellbeing suggestions would make a great start.

The link below is for the 2020 August Calendar, but if you are reading this in the future (go you!), then you might need to visit the main site to get the calendar for that month



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