Wellbeing Week (11th-15th September) website is live!

Wellbeing Week for Semester 2 is coming up (11th to 15th September) and information about what is happening around the university has been posted on the website. Warm up that clicking finger, cause you know you want to visit that site. 

In my day (I am old enough now to use that phrase), orientation at university was a simple affair. You rocked up on campus, got some information about your topics in a showbag, and then if you wanted you could participate in various celebrations or just go home (which was my approach).

Nowadays, orientation encompasses a range of activities spread out over the two semesters (some students start mid-year). There is O-week itself, but then also weeks devoted to connection, skill development and wellbeing.

Speaking of wellbeing, Wellbeing Week for Semester 2 is coming up from the 11th to 15th September. There will be a range of activities happening on campus and online that you can participate in that are wellbeing focused. It might be events that provide wellbeing in the moment (e.g. Good Vibes in the Hub) or events that teach valuable wellbeing skills (e.g. Self-care, Mental Health and Academia seminar).

Wellbeing is a broad concept and encompasses how we feel, how we are functioning, how socially connected we are, physical health, and more. Hence the activities of Wellbeing Week are diverse ranging from community art projects to a food market. We reckon there is something for everyone in Wellbeing Week.

The Wellbeing Week website is now live with a packed events calendar. I’m involved in a couple of activities that I will explore in other posts. But take a look and see if there is anything for you. Stay tuned to Hey Flinders! social media (Facebook, Insta) for ongoing updates.

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