Self-care, Mental Health and Academia session on the 15th September

Curious to know how self-care, mental health and academia fit together? Have I got the right thing for you!

I just posted about Wellbeing Week, which is coming up from the 11th to 15th September. There will be lots of stuff happening on campus during that week.

So, what about the virtual world??!!

Well, I’ll be doing an online session titled “Self-care, Mental Health and Academia” on the 15th September from 12pm to 1pm – a lunchtime session. You can login, turn your camera off, inelegantly eat a subway sandwich, all whilst listening to me talk. Is there a better offer than that?

Here’s the blurb:

“Sound mental health is both a precursor to and a result of a positive academic journey. As we excel in our studies, our contentment grows, and conversely, a positive mental state enhances our likelihood of excelling academically. Yet, mental health encompasses far more than mere happiness. In this virtual session led by psychologist Dr. Gareth Furber, learn more about what we mean by the term ‘mental health’, acquire fundamental self-care techniques to bolster your well-being, and engage in discussions about the interplay between mental health and academic pursuits.”

You can register here. Session will be delivered via Teams.

Lock it in Eddie.

(let me know via if you have any trouble registering)

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