Update on ‘CONNECT’ free HIV testing kits on campus

A reminder and update on the SAMESH ‘CONNECT” Project which is utilising vending machines to dispense free HIV self-test kits. There is one on the Bedford Park campus. Learn more in the post.

The SAMESH ‘CONNECT’ Project is the first Federal Government funded pilot in Australia, utilizing vending machines to dispense free HIV self-test kits to strengthen pathways to treatment and support while addressing barriers to testing experienced by newly arrived migrants and international students.

Since June 2023, the vending machine in the Flinders University Student Hub has been gaining traction for students wanting to self-test for free. Accessing a HIV self-test kit is simple, completely safe and includes links to confirmatory testing and care. Just scan the QR code, answer a few confidential questions and provide a valid mobile number, then follow the instructions provided.

As the most successful project of its kind globally, the CONNECT pilot is proving that the distribution of free HIV self-test kits via vending machines can increase testing amongst these priority populations and plays an important role in reaching the United Nations’ 95-95-95 targets in Australia. For more information head to the CONNECT webpage https://samesh.org.au/connect-free-hiv-test-kits/.

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