Navigating Mental Health Supports: Southern Wellbeing Hub

Maintaining good mental health in the high-pressure environment of university is crucial, and Flinders offers excellent programs and services to help, but sometimes community resources like the Southern Wellbeing Hub can provide additional support for those in need.

One of the key challenges for those studying and/or working in higher education is maintaining good mental health.

University is a high pressure, high workload environment and most people are also juggling other significant challenges in their lives (e.g. other work, caring responsibilities, family, illness, etc).

High levels of psychological demand = pressure and pressure = stress.

If that stress isn’t managed well, it can lead to burnout and illness.

Flinders already has a range of excellent range of programs and services for students, designed to help with these pressures [contact me if you aren’t sure what is available or how to access them]

But sometimes you might want or need to access services in the community.

Navigating the community services sector is, to put it nicely, a bit of a nightmare 😱

It isn’t that good services don’t exist. In fact, we have a great range of community services. But finding them can be challenging.

So, it is helpful when those services make contact with ours to let us know about them. That means we can let you know about them 🙂

We were recently contacted by the Sarah from the Southern Wellbeing Hub at Neami National, previously known as Links to Wellbeing (side note: I hate that the services keep changing names).

They provide mental health support for people living in the south aged 16-65, and are located at Morphett Vale (good for those in the South).

They have a range of programs with different intensities and have a peer support stream as well.

Below, I’ve reproduced some information from their website:

Whilst you are welcome to chat to one of our GP’s or counsellors about the service, you can contact them directly, without needing a referral from us.


About Southern Wellbeing Hub

We provide both individual and group supports that help people achieve the things they value for living well. This may include for example, support to manage challenging or distressing emotions, support with relationships, or help to find the right support.

Who is this for?

The Southern Hub mental health services are for

  • children and families on low incomes
  • people needing different levels of intensity, and duration of mental health support.

The range of services available via the Southern Hub means that people can be easily supported to connect with different services that best meet their support needs, as they change over time.

What to expect

Our range of services include:

  • Evidenced-based Therapies: One on one support for people experiencing mental illness.
  • Low Intensity Interventions: Short-term mental health support including phone-based therapy and group support programs.
  • Suicide Prevention Service: Support to manage distress, prevent self-harm and suicide, and reduce the need for emergency support such as hospital admission.
  • Psychological Evidenced-based Therapies for Families and Children: Family focused services for children up to 11 years old presenting with mental health conditions.
  • Clinical Care Coordination: Support to coordinate with all the people involved in someone’s care and support networks to ensure the right support.
  • Perinatal Program: Individual and group services for women/expecting or new parents who are experiencing perinatal depression and anxiety.
  • Mothers and Infants dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) groups and other DBT groups: Therapy for mothers and individuals experiencing very strong emotions.
  • Shared Care Program: A long term evidenced based individual therapy service with experienced mental health clinicians for people experiencing mental illness.
  • Access to psychiatric assessment as required.

How to access this service

You can be referred to the Southern Wellbeing Hub via

  • A GP issuing a Mental Health Treatment plan (we have GP’s at Flinders)
  • A provisional referral for community services (you could chat to one of our counsellors)
  • Self-referral by using one of the contact channels below
    • Visit them at the hub on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12pm to 8pm (4/118 Main South Road, Morphett Vale SA 5162)
    • Call their service during opening hours – 08 8326 3591
    • Send them a message via the online form on their website 
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