Don’t Let Procrastination Win: Join Studyology in Semester 2

I get it. Putting stuff off makes you feel better. But future you hates it. Don’t procrastinate signing up for our tackling procrastination program Studyology, being planned for Semester 2.

Studyology is a group program to help students tackle that classic study challenge: procrastination.

I’m going to run the program, online, in Semester 2, so I am taking expressions of interest for students that would like to take part in this program.

You can learn more about the history of the program here.

In short, the program has gone through a few iterations since its development in 2018.

It is now a 5 x 1-hour session program, delivered over 5 weeks, online (so students from all campuses can attend).

In the program we explore:

  • what is procrastination?
  • why do we procrastinate?
  • types and impacts of procrastination AND
  • how to combat procrastination through mindfulness, values, cognitive defusion and acceptance

If you would like to do the program, email me ( with the subject line ‘studyology EOI’.

I’ll then be in contact with all those who have expressed interest to find the best dates and times.

If you are not in a position to do the program, these might help” A list of procrastination resources – Student Health and Wellbeing (



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