Medibank Health & Wellbeing Articles for International Students

Medibank provides health insurance. They also write a lot about health and wellbeing. In this post, Brian from Medibank highlights a few of their articles relevant to international students with overseas health care cover. Topics covered = vaping, tough times, stress, walking, health support, dating, sex, exams, friends, and nutrition.

Medibank is one of the primary providers of overseas health care cover (OHSC) to international students here at Flinders.

One of their people, Brian, reads the blog and a while back he pulled together a selection of articles written by Medibank for international students.

I’ve been a bit slow to get these up on the blog – apologies!

But today, that gets fixed.

Note that these articles do reference Medibank focused services, so if you aren’t insured by them, some of the content may not be relevant to you.


Is vaping affecting your health?

Looking after yourself during tough times

Coping with stress as a student

The wonder of walking

Where to get health support in Australia

Mental health services in Australia

A guide to riding your bike safely in Australia

A guide to dating in Australia

5 ways find and make friends in a new city

Keeping healthy for exams

Foods to fuel your brain

Sex in Australia: How to staff safe


More health and wellbeing articles from Medibank can be found at:

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