New Harbinger self-help book availability from library

New Harbinger Publications offers an excellent range of evidence-based self-help, psychology, and health books designed to enhance mental health and well-being, with many titles available as ebooks through the university’s library.

New Harbinger Publications is a publisher specializing in self-help, psychology, and health books. They focus on evidence-based resources aimed at improving mental health and well-being. Their catalogue includes works on cognitive-behavioural therapy, mindfulness, and other therapeutic approaches, authored by leading experts in their fields.

For those engaged in self-development and self-improvement, New Harbinger books are an excellent resource, as the self-development strategies described within reflect current thinking and practice within evidence-based therapeutic models. Basically, you are getting access to the kinds of strategies that mental health professionals would teach you, were you in therapy.

One of the advantages of being at a university, is that you have access to a multi-disciplinary library. Many of the New Harbinger titles are available, mostly as ebooks, but still, very useful.

Natasha from the library gave me a link to take you to the library catalogue, with New Harbinger titles specifically (you can click the image as well).

From there, under the ‘Subject’ heading on the left-hand side, you can narrow down to books in specific areas.

If you are interested in one of these books, but not sure which one might be relevant to your specific circumstances, feel free to hit me up on email (

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