Activate Home Workout Series from the fine folks at Flinders One


One of the habits I’ve found hardest to maintain whilst at home is exercise. I usually get my activity through commuting (e.g. walking, cycling etc).

This is frustrating because regular exercise is one of the better routines to have in place to support your mental health and wellbeing.

Not a group to sit still, the team at Flinders One Sport and Fitness have created a workout at home series, delivered via Facebook. See details below.

We are excited to bring you our Activate Home Workout Series over the next 6 weeks! These sessions are designed to be done at home with minimal or no equipment and to keep you active and moving. Programmed by our staff here at Flinders University Sport and Fitness, you are sure to see a familiar face! Workout will be posted here on Facebook at 6am daily


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