Introduction to Mental Fitness Handout


Mental fitness is one’s capacity to manage and even thrive in the face of the many and varied psychological demands of life.

Building mental fitness involves training the mind. There are many ways to do this.

Over the last 12 months or so, my thoughts on how one trains their mind has been getting increasingly clearer.

I now have a fairly stable workshop that I run on the topic (check here for when the next dates are coming up). In that workshop I introduce you to the concept of mental fitness, explain why should build it, how you build it (ways of training the mind), where to get started and what traps to look out for.

But if workshops aren’t your thang, you can also familiarise yourself with the topic from my recently updated Introduction To Mental Fitness Handout.

This has been totally updated in 2021 (basically re-written from scratch) to be consistent with the workshop content. In fact, you could probably get most of what you need from the handout (if I am honest 😄).

I’ll keep working and updating this handout over time as the workshop and my thoughts develop further. In the meantime, enjoy…


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