Tips for staying well so you can study well – Medibank Seminar


Medibank have been cranking out their student focused seminars recently! I’ve mentioned a couple previously (e.g. here).

But you won’t hear any complaints from me on this one. The more resources available to students that deal with wellbeing, the better.

They have one coming up on Thursday 21st October from 4-5pm titled “De-stress Yourself: Tips for Staying Well so you can Study Well”.

Here’s the details:

October and November are busy times at uni/college with assignments and exams…not mention the impacts of the pandemic too. It is really important you take care of yourself during this busy and stressful time. Our highly experienced Mental Health Professional will discuss the ways in which we can take care of ourselves when things are busy and answer questions about staying well! Please note, this is not a counselling session.

What will we chat about?
– How to look after your wellbeing during the busy exam/assignment period (tips to eat, sleep and exercise better)
– Recognising the signs of stress and when we need to ask for help
– Tips for better studying during COVID-19
– How to talk about your wellbeing with peers and health professionals
– Where to get support

Register now:


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