Sneak peak at our new self-help and self-care guides


A while back we got a designer to re-think our various self-care and self-help guides.

Rachel came up with a design that brings a lot more colour and space and beauty to the guides.

Now we have Kate working across our self-help guide collection to bring that design to life (and to add some flair of her own).

Although we are still working on them, I’d thought I’d give you a sneak peak.

Evidence-based study tips guide

Self-care mega guide

They are designed with digital screens in mind (phones, tablets, laptops) with all the links clickable and spaces to write and reflect in them.

This is part of our efforts to use less paper in distributing these guides.

Love to hear what you think and we look forward to bringing you a selection of these guides soon 🙂

I think the revision of these guides will also inspire me to add some new content to them, building them into comprehensive guides on different aspects of self-care.

In the meantime, you can still grab all our guides from the Self-Help Library –

If you visit Health, Counselling and Disability Services or Oasis you will also find some of the guides in print form.

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