Invest in your mental health in May

Overview: The Be Well Plan is an evidence-based mental health and resilience program offered free to Flinders students. The next one kicks off 13th May and runs for 5 weeks from 10am to 12pm at the Oasis Common room. We’d love you to join us. Details in post: Reading time ~ 3.6 minutes.

The Be Well Plan is an interactive program in which we will teach you how to build a tailored wellbeing and resilience plan that you can use at any stage of life to get yourself back on track, cope with difficult times, or simply enhance your mental health and wellbeing.

Out in the community this program would cost a couple of hundred dollars to do, but as a Flinders student, you have access to it for free.

🟨 The next one kicks off on the 13th May and is the first time we’ve been able to run the program face-to-face for a long time.

It runs over 5 weeks: 13th May, 20th May, 27th May, 3rd June, 10th June. Sessions are in the morning (10am to 12pm) and run at the Oasis Common Room 🟦

In the program we cover a range of interesting topics (self-compassion, thinking errors, resilience planning, thought defusion, coping strategies, mindfulness and more) and introduce you to a catalogue of wellbeing-related activities from which you can pick different ones to try out in your own life.

We don’t just focus on what kinds of activities are helpful for building mental health, we also focus on how to get those activities embedded into everyday life. We cover goal setting, habit formation and how to build a strategic and deliberate ‘plan’ for how you will care for your mental health.

On top of this, the group nature of the program means you get to surround yourself with other people who are also working to build a better life for themselves, which we pretty much always find leads to a great sense of camaraderie and collective motivation.

The program is built on the evidence-based assumption that individuals can wield some power in shifting their mental health and wellbeing. This isn’t to say that mental health is entirely the responsibility of the individual. On the contrary, the program explores specifically how we respond to the inevitable and sometimes very impactful things that happen to us.  But it does hold that we have some power and seeks to explore what wielding that power looks like.

If this sounds like something that would be helpful to you, all you need to do to RSVP is send me an email ( from your flinders address, with the subject line “Be Well Plan” and a quick note saying you’d like to participate. We’ll then provide you with more details.

Looking forward to running this program again in the old-school group format!

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