Slides for Mental Health, Self-care and Placement presentation for PHYT9005

Yeah, I realise I have been putting lots of slides here on the blog, but I want to make sure that those of you who attend my sessions have access to them. These slides are for those in PHYT9005 who were present at my workshop on mental health, self-care and placement.

Dear Physiotherapy Students,

I’m looking forward to (really enjoyed) talking to you on the 6th March, 2004. The presentation was titled “Mental Health, Self-Care, and Placement,”. The content delves into the essential interplay between mental health and self-care, especially in the context of clinical placements—a critical component of your educational journey.

The presentation covers fundamentals of mental health, highlighting its dual aspects of wellness and challenges. The presentation emphasizes self-care as a proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing mental health, offering practical strategies and tools you can incorporate into your daily routines. Additionally, the presentation also explores unique pressures and stresses placements can introduce and discuss resilience planning to navigate these challenges effectively.

The slides from this presentation are accessible here or by clicking the image below.

Not a physiotherapy student? Didn’t attend that presentation? Still interested in self-care?

Perhaps our Self-care Mega Guide might be suitable.

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