Port Adelaide Football Club – Wellbeing and Resilience Program


If you thought that football teams simply entertained you, and made you feel bad about your own fitness and how you look in shorts, you’d be very wrong.

Power Community Ltd, the community engagement arm of the Port Adelaide Football Club, are incredibly active in the community, running development programs designed to empower and skill up young people with the skills they need for life.

I’ve spoken previously about the The Port Adelaide Football Club’s Wellbeing and Resilience Program. They came to Flinders University last year and earlier this year and spoke to 40+ students on skills/tools they can use to perform in high pressure environments – drawing on the experience of players playing in the AFL.

The program is being run again this semester on the 17th August (with a follow-up session on the 5th September).

If you think you could enhance your study capacity through learning about mindsets, resilience, mindfulness, cognitive restructuring, gratitude and finding meaning – then this is the program for you. If you’d just like to gaze adoringly at Brad Ebert’s legs, that would also be a relevant attendance reason.

Enquiries and RSVP via the OASIS Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/oasisatflinders/ or by emailing oasis@flinders.edu.au

PAFC Wellbeing Seminar

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