CMPH Honours Wellbeing Session 2024 Slides

It is orientation week 2024, so there are lots of presentations being done by myself and colleagues. You might have attended one of them! The slides in this post are for a presentation I did with CMPH Honours students on the 21st February 2024. They cover mental health, self-care, honours writing tips, procrastination and support services.

Honours in any topic is an exciting year. It is when you move from a more passive consumer of information to actively leading your own project.

There is plenty to think about as you kick off your honours year. Getting off to a good start involves all sorts of academic activities (e.g. organising supervision, setting schedules, reading the literature) as well as personal activities (e.g. establishing good self-care routines, developing healthy and productive habits).

This presentation hits on a lot of those topics.

The slides are primarily for those CMPH honours students who attended the workshop, but other students might find valuable content and links in here.

If anything needs explanation or there was something I didn’t cover that you really wanted me to cover, please feel free to get in contact with me:

To access the slides (in pdf form), click the link or the image below.

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