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One of my favourite podcasts produces protocols on a range of study relevant topics (e.g. goal setting, sleep). Learn more in the post.

One of my favourite podcasts is the Huberman Lab.

He and his guests cover a range of topics that I think intersect with my interest areas of mental health and productivity.

But he is prone to long podcasts and sometimes you don’t really feel like you have a spare 3 hours to listen to his conversations.

I think his team must be aware of this and one of the additional resources they provide, in addition to the podcasts is their newsletters.

The newsletters contain condensed sets of protocols for different things like setting goals, breathwork, light for health and many more.

You can grab past newsletters on the site. 

You can subscribe to the newsletter to ensure you are sent the most recent protocols.

I’ve prepared a couple of the recent ones (which I think are relevant to life as a student) as pdfs you can grab, so you can see what they are like. As new relevant ones come through I’ll post them here as well.

Read, digest, action and share.

Getting good sleep

Setting and achieving goals

Obviously check out the podcast and the website if you find the advice/ protocols helpful.

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