Heads-up on some wellbeing activities coming up!

Ready to take on the second half of Semester 2? Think you need a tune-up in terms of productivity and wellbeing? There are things happening in the coming weeks that might help. Details in post.

There are a few wellbeing activities coming up which might be of interest to you. Especially as we all shift up a gear to accelerate to the end of Semester 1.

➡ First, Studyology, a program for tackling procrastination, kicks off this Thursday evening. Sign up for the live sessions or just join the distribution list to get recordings of those sessions sent to you. Learn more here. RSVP by just sending me an email saying you want in – gareth.furber@flinders.edu.au

➡ Second, I am running a Be Well Taster Session on the 9th May. A good chance to learn about the Be Well Plan (a mental health and resilience program) and pick up a couple of practical psychological tools for managing stress. Click the link to learn more and RSVP via the Eventbrite site.

➡ Third, Wellbeing Week here at Flinders (an extension of the orientation program) runs from the 8-12th May. You’ll find activities happening on campus that encourage you to skill yourself up in taking care of yourself (and others). Stay close to these social media channels to get the heads-up on what is happening when.

➡ Fourth and finally, I am co-running a “Professional Resilience and Mindfulness” session at Tonsley with Tony Duggan from Horizon next Monday. We explore stress, how to build resilience to stress and how this relates to working life. Find out about and join the Horizon program here.

Nothing taking your fancy? All good, stay tuned for additional opportunities throughout the year.

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