Getting Off To A Good Start Guide 2022

Overview: Starting university is a big step. There is a lot that I want to tell you about how to make your university experience better, so I bundled a few guides together to make this Getting Off To A Good Start Guide. Lots of tips on self-care, study skills and making the most of the university experience. Students – feel free to share with a new student. Staff – feel free to distribute to your first years at orientation. Reading time ~ 90 minutes (its a big one!)

Whether this is your first year at university or you are returning to continue your studies, I am going to make the assumption that you want to get off to a ‘good start’.

By that I mean you have habits in place that will help you succeed at your studies, as well as enjoy your time at university.

With Orientation in full swing, I put together this guide called ‘Getting off to a good start*. We’ll be handing it out to new students during their first few weeks at university. We’re just waiting for them to come from the printers.

But this guide is not only relevant to new students. It is relevant to any student, at any stage of their degree, who is hoping to make 2022 a successful year.

The version attached to this blog post is what I call the ‘bundled’ version – it comes attached to other documents that complement the main guide. One of them is our Evidence-Based Study Strategies document which tells you exactly what study strategies work and which ones don’t. The other is our Self-Care Mega Guide, a document packed with tips for creating the life you want.

So please download, read, contemplate, share, burn for warmth. If you see the HCD team around during Orientation, we will have print copies available. You can also drop in to the Health Service (Level 3, Student Centre) and probably find a copy as well 🙂

But that is not all……

My goal is to make this guide one of the definitive guides provided to new students as they start their university experience.

The first Getting Off To A Good Start guide was published in 2019. We’ve then kept it updated each year for 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Whilst I am pretty happy with the document, I don’t believe in settling. I have ideas on how to improve it further. One of those ideas is to include advice from current students to new students on what worked for them in making the most of their university experience

So if you have some wisdom you’d like to share with new students, either respond to this blog post, or email me directly on

If we get enough content from existing students, I’ll include an ‘advice from other students’ section in future versions of the guide.



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